Maternity Therapies

I provide Holistic Maternity Services on a mobile basis to the local area which include;

Maternity Reflexology

I am a specialised Maternity Reflexologist having undergone additional training to provide this treatment for fertility, pregnancy, labour and for new mums. Working the reflexes on the feet whilst incorporating wonderful massage techniques you will feel incredibly relaxed rebalanced and will see an improvement in many common concerns including stress, anxiety, backache, sciatica, heartburn, insomnia, headaches and so on. I have treated literally hundreds of local women and have many testimonials (from those who have successfully become pregnant following as little as three sessions, to those I have treated throughout their pregnancies and clients I have visited in the early days of being a mum and beyond) and clients willing to be contacted to discuss their experiences with blueskyholistics.

Pregnancy Massage

What could be more wonderful than a soothing shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage or a deluxe back and shoulder massage? Again as a specialist I have a wealth of experience with pregnant clients (some places may not treat you) and adapt all my treatments accordingly. I have a special chair which allows you to lie almost flat without affecting blood flow and my client report that (alongside wishing to take the chair home to sleep in) it is 'the comfiest they have been all pregnancy!'. I have also been trained in a specialised technique for the release of back tension (including sciatica) and this can be incorporated into any of my treatments.

Labour Packages

I am available to attend labour and use a variety of techniques I have learnt to help make the experience even more special. Reflexology can be done on the hands as well as the feet (since you will probably be on your feet a lot!) and can help with anxiety, nausea, feelings of panic, pain management, distraction and so on and we all know the benefits of massage in labour – so having a trained professional on hand is priceless! Rates start from as little as £40 up to a maximum (so you can relax) of £200 no matter how long you need me to stay for. Call me for more details.

Early Days Visits

I can be booked to visit the home during the early (or not so early) days following the birth of your baby. I can provide massage, reflexology, baby massage advice and general parenting support. This allows the new mum to benefit from nurturing touch in their own environment with their baby close by. It can ease aches and pains, help with milk flow (reflexology) and general feelings of well being. As a mum and ex feeding mum myself I can offer practical support and advice on a range of subjects. A visit from me makes a great new baby gift!

Baby Massage

I teach infant massage privately in the home (to mum and dad) and to small groups of friends within the local area. This again makes a great gift as I can attend the home and provide tailored advice, techniques (baby massage and baby reflexology) and support relevant to the baby and any specific concerns (colic, wind, reflux, settling etc) it can also be nice for Dad to be involved and I work to your schedule - evening appointments are always available.  I have also produced a baby massage DVD and digital download so you can learn at your own pace at home. More info here.


For peace of mind and to get the best out of your experience I would recommend pre-booking a package from me. This gives you the ability to pre book your appointments in advance and makes your wellbeing a priority - you will arrange your schedule around your appointments rather than the other way round - which makes it much more likely that you will receive the full benefits from your treatment. Reflexology in particular has a cumulative effect and it is recommended that six sessions are taken weekly initially for the best effects.

Packages can be designed on a bespoke basis - a combination of pre and post natal treatments, early/full labour birth assistance, infant massage tuition, course places on baby massage courses and DVDs.

I charge £40 per hour for all treatments - or Book a Course of 10 for £350 (any combination of treatments) Call me on 07807 912 721

Treating yourself or a loved one to maternity therapies from blueskyholistics in an investment into your well being - you are only trying to conceive or pregnant a few times during your life so it is important that you feel the best you can during these times.

Client Feedback

Here is what some of my clients have to say about Maternity Reflexology and Pregnancy Massage:

'I think I am addicted - I feel fantastic, pampered, relaxed and energised all at the same time. I look forward to each session but the effects last all week long'

'Thank you so much for looking after me and bump so well during my pregnancy, you changed my pregnancy for the better'

'Definitely the most relaxed I have ever been, and the comfiest I have been for weeks - please can I keep the magic chair and the fluffy blanket?'

'I am booking you for all my pregnant friends - the best baby gift ever'

'I wish I had Helen at home but I will take an hour a week - it makes you feel 100% better - no stress, no pain, and the baby LOVES it'

'Thank you for coming out the week after Jacob was born - I was desperate and it was so good to see you - the massage was heavenly of course (my back was a million times better afterwards) but just to see you, have a chat about how it had all gone and your advice on feeding really made a difference - thanks again'

'Top of my list for birthdays, wedding anniversary, mothers day, Christmas...any excuse I want a blueskyholistics gift voucher!'

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