I love my ‘job’

Two great things have happened to me today – on my first day ‘back’ after my little trip to mid wales – the land of no signal, no phone, no internet, twitter, facebook or emails.

First my lovely baby massage mum Gayle and her gorgeous son Alexander finished coming to baby massage classes. Considering they signed up for a 5 week course and stayed from 10 weeks of age right through until 9 months + and Gayle is going back to work, it was kind of inevitable. What I wasn’t expecting was the beautiful boxed flowers and personalised card with the most touching words inside.

Secondly I had a fantastic new client today – a young mum facing the stresses we all do and I was able to help her in a small way. That is my job. I listen, I advise, I perform holistic therapy treatments. All my clients leave with a smile but today I was called ‘an angel’ and that is pretty special.

So today, although I am bemoaning my 200+ emails I have to deal with, and the fact I am ‘working’ at nearly 11pm, and my terrible procrastinating habits, i am going to choose to focus on those two things that make my ‘job’ worthwhile.

What will you focus on today?


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