About Me

I live in Grappenhall and am married to Adam, a builder, and have two girls who were born in 2005 and 2007.

Having worked for Social Services for a number of years, I took the opportunities presented by extended maternity leave to completely re-train in all aspects of holistic therapy in 2007. Having discovered the joys of reflexology during my own pregnancy (a very kind client of Adam's who introduced me to the incredible benefits of having weekly reflexology during your pregnancy - it totally transformed mine) I quickly specialised in Maternity Reflexology, training under a world renowned Doula and Reflexologist from Israel - qualifying me to treat pregnant women and attend home and hospital births.

I love to be around women who are at that special, exciting, frightening, exhausting and exhilarating time of their lives. The joy I get from treating a couple with problems conceiving and getting 'that' phone call or text to say that they are finally pregnant is second to none. I often get to know before the rest of the family - the only downside can be that it can make pregnancies seem very long indeed...

To be priviledged enough to see women at each stage of their pregnancy, from the early tentative weeks to seeing their bumps grow right through to the impatient last few days is fantastic. I have many clients who become friends - and vice versa.

I connect with my clients because I am a mum, I know what it is like to want a baby, to carry, deliver and care for a child. I am certainly not a hippy dippy person - I'm a realist and can offer practical, useful advice - and don't forget the fabulous treatments!

Similarly I trained to be an infant massage instructor to provide a service to my clients - the benefits of massage are proven and it was fantastic to get out meeting new mums and dads and giving them simple tips and techniques to help with the concerns that face so many new parents - sleep, bonding, colic, wind, reflux and so on. I love teaching in any setting - privately one on one, to groups of friends, to antenatel groups, in the community and private nurseries.

I created www.newstorktimes.co.uk as a company to handle the production and distribution of my original baby massage DVDs to enable parents and carers, no matter what their location, access simple massage techniques in their own homes.

I blog here on this site (about blueskyholistics), at www.helenpritchard.com (about New Stork Times and early days parenting) and at www.helenpritchard.wordpress.com (about being a working mum)

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