blueskyholistics launched in 2007 (by Steven Arnold from Corrie) to provide specialised therapies to the community aiming at women trying to conceive or who were already pregnant. Initially I offered Maternity Reflexology and Pregnancy Massage to clients - giving the ultimate relaxation and support throughout all stages of conception, pregnancy, labour and birth.

This developed into a mobile home visiting service during the early days and weeks of the baby being born - providing welcome relief from pain and exhaustion in the comfort of the home supporting new mums in a variety of ways. This is an extremely popular service.

As a natural extension baby massage classes were launched in 2008 and proved extremely popular - since then blueskyholistics have provided sessions in the community, privately one on one, to groups of friends and antenatel groups and into local nurseries.

In 2009 New Stork Times was born to produce and distribute a baby massage guide and tips to ease colic and wind for use at home. Massage for Happy Babies featuring No Cry Baby bonus section is available to buy as a DVD or instant download at

Alongside this element to the business, blueskyholistics has been easing the stresses and strains of the local population - mums or otherwise!  A wide range of therapies and treatments means something for everyone from babies through to great-grandparents.

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