7 Reasons to Learn Baby Massage

Baby Massage – 7 Reasons to Learn Today

So why massage your baby? Well research has shown that massage reduces stress hormones and alleviates post natal depression and here are 7 more reasons to start practicing infant massage today.

#1 Time out from the daily routine

Give yourself and your baby a gift and spend twenty minutes doing something other than feeding, winding, settling to sleep and so on. Massage can be fitted into your routine easily and makes such a difference it is really worth learning a simple routine.

#2 Bonding

Massage allows the bond between parent and child to flourish and grow. The emotional ties are secured with regular positive touch and it is believed that babies that are massage in their early life grown to be confident and well balanced in later life. As you relax and tune into your baby you will reap the benefits for yourself as you breathe more slowly, your blood pressure drops and you become calm and peaceful.

#3 Stretch and Grow

Massage and gentle stretches improve joint mobility and flexibility and are a welcome change for the baby who spends so much time curled up in car seats and prams.

#4 Help for Colic, Wind and Digestive Pains

A massaged baby will suffer less from colic, constipation and wind and associated discomfort. Simple tips and techniques will improve these and make life much more bearable for mum and baby.

#5 Immune System Booster

Babies who receive regular massage have stronger immune systems and are more resistant to infection, leading to less coughs and colds and more robust health all round.

#6 Better Sleep Guaranteed

Surely a winner – massaged babies experience longer, deeper sleep for both daytime naps and evening sleep. They are more settled and you are able to soothe them easier using skills you have learnt. Massage can be incorporated into the night time routine for easy bedtimes.

#7 Skills for Life

Once you have learnt these skills in baby massage and baby reflexology they are yours to keep. As your child grows you will adapt and develop your routines but will find that as your baby grows into a toddler and a young child you will keep massage as part of your special time together for many years to come.

I run classes on a Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Call 01925 211009 or email helen@newstorktimes.co.uk to book.

Baby massage routines can be downloaded at http://www.newstorktimes.co.uk

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